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A World Where Fish Are No Longer Required to Climb Trees


Mr. Orlov reflects on a wonderful and provocative piece of social content by Prince Ea, an American spoken word artist, poet, rapper and filmmaker.

Firstly, I ask you to please watch the whole of this video.

This is more than what I see as an authentic challenge to education and how incredibly backward it is — pretending to be forward-thinking and accommodating. I say this as the father of two young men who have traveled the world following my international career.

Situating themselves into the American system — and before that the Chinese system, and before that the English system — has been an incredible challenge. And whilst some might say cruelly that it has been character-forming, as a father looking in I see it for what it is: curricula created by people who either simply do not get a changing world, backed by too many oceans of righteous and over-puffing institutions who want to do it ‘just their way’ so that it accommodates their fixed structures and their goals, regardless as to whether it captures the singular essence, design and authentic capability of the individual.

Individual. It means the whole person in and of themselves. Not the person made to fit within the whole.

And whilst this is a beautiful poem that seeks justice for children and young people to be able to fulfill their true God-given potential, dreams and desires, I also believe it stands as a challenge to society and very much to business:

Rules that stand in the way of justice, equality and progression are rules that should be broken.

— Alexei

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