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    Simon Thomas, Vice President of Global Marketing, Volkswagen AG

    Mr. Thomas worked with Mr. Orlov at the Volkswagen Group, both as senior marketing executives for the Volkswagen family of car brands.

    “One of the primary skills of a great CMO, is never to try to outshine the senior managers and frontbench who on a daily basis have to deal with the tactical demands of a fast pace business such as Automotive. Whilst of course it is important to have a very clear point of view, what Alexei Orlov demonstrated time and time again was that he could be relied upon to be a trusted partner — giving objective and timely advice, allowing the Sales and Marketing leadership teams to deploy the executional detail in a way that would not confuse the line staff.

    That being said, his procedural excellence and expertise particularly in modeling linear and lateral thinking in the design of brand deployment, digitally powered social marketing, analytical intervention and utilization of applied insights for CRM were strongly delivered and significantly supported the planning and operational teams.

    I can safely say that he is a valuable, caring and considerate mentor to many of the middle and junior ranking team members, demonstrating his passion for emerging talent and his belief that some of the best thinking does not come from the corner offices. It is no wonder then that he has a very strong and faithful following.

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    Michael Dolan, CEO, Bacardi Ltd

    Mr. Dolan worked with Mr. Orlov on digital, CRM and customer experience marketing programs while Orlov served in a range of senior leadership roles with Wunderman, part of the Y&R group.…